This screenplay


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Otherwise enjoy reading this screenplay that is set in a mountainous small town – the Town of Wagon Wheel. Music score heavy metal throughout this film with the exception of the scenes in the ASTROLOGY BAR & GRILL oldies dance club.   The story’s subject matter is love, tragedy, psychic weird karma, spirit prediction; and socially unacceptable romantic relationship viewed by some……




It is early evening on a Friday the first day of May. Alex pulls into a parking spot next to an antique 1962 Jaguar XKE convertible in front of a café shop; there is a man sitting at one of the outdoor café tables. She walks into the café. The man at the outdoor café table watches her as she enters the café shop, and continues to watch her through the glass window while she purchases her coffee and comes outside to sit at one of the outdoor tables.  Alex sits down at the table, one table away from where the man is sitting. A few minutes goes by. Alex sips her coffee. Then the man out of the blue, puts his index finger in his mouth and makes a pop noise to get Alex to look his way. Then he says to her.


Rye:  "I think I am in love with you."


Alex:  "Would you watch my coffee; I need to use the ladies room? And think about these two old sayings-OUT OF SIGHT; OUT OF MIND... and...TIME MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER."


Rye:  "I'll watch your coffee."


Alex:  "Thank you."


As Alex goes back inside the café shop to use the ladies room; the man watches her through the glass window. When the door to the ladies room shuts behind Alex the man gets up and moves his table against Alex's table and moves the extra chairs to other tables so as it would seem to others that the two tables each having one chair and against each other were being occupied. Alex comes out of the café and sees the two tables against each other.


Rye:  "I thought over the two old sayings and I am taking the position of the second-- TIME MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER."


Alex:  "Humm! I feel special......I see our tables are touching."


Rye:  "I thought I could protect your coffee better if I was closer."


Alex:  "I'm getting a bagel; would you like a bagel?"


Rye:  "Are you treating? My finances are low until my next gig."


Alex:  "You're in a band?"


Rye:  "I play drums."


Alex:  "I'm treating; what kind of bagel do you want?"


Rye:  "Plain salt bagel lightly toasted."


Alex:  "Plain salt bagel lightly toasted; no cream cheese?"


Rye:  "Plain, no spread."


Alex goes back inside and the man watches her through the glass window. She comes back out with their bagels. She places Rye's bagel in front of him and then sits down and enjoys her coffee and bagel.


Rye:  "Thank you; my name is Rye. What's your name?"


Alex:  "My name is Alex Sede (she spells it) _S_E_D_E_ is how you spell my last name."


Rye:  "My last name is Bread."


Alex:  "That's pretty cute. I bet it was your mother's choice. What is your father's name?"


Rye:  "Melvin Bread; and your right. My mom thought it would be different. I don't think anyone has my name."


As they both eat their bagels and drink their coffee.


Alex:  "I'm thinking of trying that restaurant down the row on the other side. I hate to eat alone. Would you like to join me? My treat."


Rye:  "That's a veggie place."


Alex:  "I know, but on Friday and Saturday they have barbeque."


Rye:  "I would love to join you."


As they finish their coffee and bagel.


Alex:  "Are you ready?"


Rye:  "Sure, that was just the appetizer."


As Alex heads for her SUV.


Rye:  "Where are you going?"


Alex:  "I thought I would move my car to the restaurant parking lot."


Rye:  "You can leave your car there. This is one big shopping center. All the parking is shared by all the stores."


Alex:  "Ok."


As Alex comes back to Rye; and they both walk down the row to the restaurant.


Rye:  "Can I hold your hand like girlfriend - boyfriend?"


Alex:  "Sure."


As they hold hands walking down the row to the restaurant...

When they enter the restaurant time passes. We don't see them while they are eating. This segment is snapshot photos of them in the restaurant. When they both walk out of the restaurant is where we pick up the scene. We watch them walk back down the row holding hands til' they reach Alex's SUV. It is dark now. The shopping center is lit up now.


Rye:  "Can we do this tomorrow?"


Alex:  "What do you mean?"


Rye:  "Have dinner or meet for coffee."


As Rye walks over to his car which is parked next to Alex's car. Rye starts to put up his convertible top on his antique 1962 Jaguar XKE.


Alex:  "You're car is cool! I bet you paid a pretty penny."


Rye:  "It runs good. I paid two-thousand for it 10 years ago. It's my first car."


Alex:  "Two-thousand? Do you realize that your car is an antique; and worth between $40,___ to $60,000. There's a dealer here in town, ANTIQUE NASH. I bet if you took your car over to him you could get from him the value; and if you're thinking of selling; I'm sure he'd make you a cash offer on the spot."


Rye:  "Really! I might just do that. Can I see you tomorrow?"


Alex:  "Well, what do you want to do? Coffee or dinner?"


Rye:  "Dinner. My favorite restaurant is ASTROLOGY BAR & GRILL around the corner from my Condo. If I sell my car, I'll buy dinner. If I don't, it's your treat."


Alex:  "That sounds fine. Where do you live; I'll pick you up."


As Rye starts to get into his car.


Rye:  "Follow me; it's also around the corner."


Alex:  "Alright."


As Alex gets into her car and follows. They pull into the Condo parking lot; and Rye gets out of his car (Alex stays seated in her SUV). Rye points to the second floor Condo.


Rye:  "I live on the second floor Condo 2B."


Alex:  "What time should I come by?"


Rye:  "Between 4 and 4:30. We want to get to the restaurant before 5:00 to get a seat right away. It gets very crowded on the weekends."


Alex:  "I'll be here between 4 and 4:30."


Rye:  "Just honk. I'll come down."


Alex:  "Ok. See you tomorrow... What's your phone number?"


Rye:  "000-0000. What's yours?"


Alex:  "000-0000; and tomorrow is Sat. If I am a little late it's because of the football traffic."


As Rye puts her number in his cell phone.


Rye:  "Alright. See you tomorrow."


As Rye walks up the stairs to the second floor Condo and Alex drives away.

The next day we see Alex is stuck in the football traffic on the highway. We follow her car to Rye's Condo. When she arrives it's about 4:40. She stays seated in her SUV and puts down her window during these scenes at the Condo. She sees Rye standing on the second floor balcony in front of the Condo's doorway. With his hair pulled forward (long bangs down pass his chin) in front of his face. When Alex met Rye he wore his long hair brushed back and partially behind the ears. Rye's long hair is all the same length and almost shoulder length. Also, Rye has a heavy metal guitar in his hands as he interacts with Alex from the Condo's balcony. When the window of Alex's car is fully down she speaks loudly to Rye.


Alex:  "I thought you played drums."


Rye + Wheat:  "I do. I play drums and the guitar."


Alex:  "Are you ready to go to dinner?"


Rye + Wheat:  "You must be Rye's girlfriend. Rye's not here. I'm Wheat."


Alex:  "Come on Rye; stop playing around."


Rye + Wheat:  "I'm serious. Rye's not here. I'm Wheat."


Alex:  "When you see Rye; tell him to call me."


Rye + Wheat:  "I will."


Alex leaves the Condo's parking lot; and drives across the street and pulls into a commercial building's parking lot. She calls Carol, her girlfriend and real estate partner; and tells her what just took place.


Carol:  "Hello."


Alex:  "You're not gona' believe what is happening to me."


Carol:  "Don't I always believe? Why don't these stupid weird karma event's ever happen to me? You are so lucky; your life is never boring!"


Alex:  "Listen to me."


Carol:  "I'm listening. I can't wait to hear this one."


Alex:  "I met a beautiful guy last night at a coffee shop. I treated him to dinner and we both agreed to have dinner again tonight. I just was at his Condo; and he was standing on the second floor in front of his Condo with a guitar in his hands with his long hair combed in front of his face denying that he was Rye; and that his name was Wheat."


Carol:  "Wait a minute. You met a guy last night and you treated him to dinner; just like that?"


Alex:  "Yes. But I need encouragement and some ideas right now. I think this guy might have two personalities. He thinks he's Rye and Wheat."


Carol:  "Do you really like this guy? And his name; is that really his name?"


Alex:  "Yes. Yes, isn't it cute! And I'm willing to spend the time needed to get to know more about him. Maybe I can take him to a head doctor."


Carol:  "Well, why don't you drive back to the Condo and see if he turned back to Rye. If he's Rye than continue the evening as planned. But just watch over him like a hawk. Call me back and tell me what happened."


Alex:  "Ok. Bye."


While Alex and Carol were on the phone...

The Condo door is open for these scenes. At the Condo Wheat was talking out loud when he went back into the Condo like he was talking to someone or to himself. We don't see the inside of the Condo. So, we don't know if he was talking to himself or talking to someone. Both voices sound alike. We are viewing the Condo's open door from the ground level area during all these speaking scenes hearing the conversation of them.


Wheat:  "I think I'm in love with Rye's girlfriend. Don't bother me for a while. I'll be in the bathroom."


Oat:  "Did she turn you on so much that your gona' spend our band practice time jerking off!"


Wheat:  "Leave me alone. Rye's girlfriend's got incredible energy."


As Oat walks out of the Condo onto the balcony; Alex pulls into the Condo driveway. Oat walks back into the Condo talking loudly. We don't know if Oat was talking to himself and all three are of the same person. We are still viewing the Condo's open door from the ground level area where Alex parks her SUV.


Oat:  "Does Rye's girlfriend drive a silver SUV?"


Wheat:  "Yes. Leave me alone."


Oat:  "She's come back."


Oat walks back outside and stands in front of the Condo doorway. Alex parks the car and puts down the window. Oat is wearing his long hair the same as Wheat, but Oat is wearing different clothes.


Alex:  "Rye you changed your clothes."


Rye + Wheat + Oat:  "You must be Rye's Girlfriend. He's not here. I'm Oat."


Alex:  "What is your name?"


Rye + Wheat + Oat:  "Oat."


Alex:  "Where's Wheat?"


Rye + Wheat + Oat:  "He's in the bathroom and I don't want to describe what he's doing."


Alex:  "Do you know where Rye is?"


As Oat walks down the Condo's stairs to talk to Alex at her car's open window; he runs his fingers through his hair pushing it back off of his face. He leans on her car's open window to talk with her.


Rye + Wheat + Oat:  "At this moment no. But the both of you have dinner planned. Why don't you try his phone. And if Rye doesn't work out for you; I sure would like to have dinner with you. I think I'm in love with you."


As he reaches into the car and gently grabs Alex behind the head and deep kisses her. When the kiss breaks apart; Alex looks at Rye + Wheat + Oat with deep emotion. But in confused shock. Cause she is falling for a man with three personalities.


Rye + Wheat + Oat:  "I know I'm in love with you."


As she starts her car and puts it in reverse.


Alex:  "My dinner plans are with Rye."


Rye + Wheat + Oat:  "Try his phone."


Alex leaves the Condo's driveway and drives across the street again and calls Carol.


Carol:  "Hello."


Alex:  "You are not going to believe this one. He just deep kissed me."


Carol:  "I'll believe. I'll believe. What! He stole a kiss?"


Alex:  "I went back to the Condo and Rye changed his clothes and was still wearing his hair in front of his face only this time he says his name is Oat. He must have three personalities."


Carol:  "Well, just think of it this way. You like one guy; but you're getting three in one! How did he steal a kiss off of you?"


Alex:  "He came down stairs and while he was talking to me; he leaned into my car window and deep kissed me. It was so gentle, I'm tingling all over."


Carol:  "You are really falling for this guy."


Alex:  "Yes... Oat stated I should call Rye's phone. So, I'm going to call him just to let you know what I'm doing."


Carol:  "Call me after you phone him. I can't wait for what happens next."


Alex:  "Ok. Bye."


Alex dials Rye's phone. He answers. There's loud restaurant noise and a DJ playing loud oldies dance music in the background.


Rye:  "Hello."


Alex:  "Rye, is that you?"


Rye:  "Of course, you called my phone."


Alex:  "Where are you?"


Rye:  "It was getting late, so I came over to the restaurant to save us a booth. I'm treating. I sold my car.


Alex:  "That's great! I'm heading your way. I should be there in a couple of minutes."


Rye:  "When you come into the restaurant go left. I'm in the booth on the end. They have a huge crowd here tonight."


Alex:  "Ok. Bye."


Alex calls Carol.


Carol:  "Tell me good news."


Alex:  "I can't believe that Rye answered his phone and he's at ASTROLOGY BAR & GRILL already."


Carol:  "That's Ed's favorite dance place. We go there a lot. But I want you to call me before you leave the restaurant. I'll be somewhat worried; and I want to know that this three personalities guy is not gaming you."


Alex:  "I will. Ok. Bye."


Before Alex starts her SUV and heads over to the ASTROLOGY BAR & GRILL she fixes her lipstick.

...Now we're in Carol and Ed's house. Carol shouts out to her husband Ed.


Carol:  "Ed. Ed. Where are you?"


As Carol finds Ed.


Ed:  "I'm in the garage."


Carol goes into the garage. Ed is adding window washer to one of the SUV vehicles.


Carol:  "Ed, I want to go to dinner at that place you like so much. I think Alex might need a little friendly security."


Ed:  "Why."


Carol:  "Alex met a guy yesterday and she's having dinner with him at that restaurant. And she thinks he has multi-personalities."


Ed:  "Really. ...How does she know?"


Carol:  "He keeps changing his name and acting weird. I don't know. Let's check it out anyway and give Alex some support."


As Ed puts down the hood of the SUV; they both leave the garage and head to the bed room.


Ed:  "Ok, let me jump into the shower and put on my dancing duds."

As Carol goes to her closet, she talks to herself.


Carol:  "Let's see, what should I wear."


Now we're back at the restaurant. Alex is walking through the wall to wall crowd down an aisle where some of the booths are located. Very loud oldies dance music is going on with people packed on the dance floor, while she is looking for Rye.


Alex:  "There you are. You look so handsome; and what did you do? Buy out all the stores?"


As Alex see's many shopping bags on both sides of the booth and on the floor. She doesn't question why Rye didn't leave all the shopping bags back at the Condo. She's thinking that maybe each personality does not know what the other is doing. And the Condo is very close to the restaurant, a short walk. It would be easy for Rye to arrive at the restaurant before Alex - (time spent) having been on the phone with Carol and fixing her lipstick.

Rye:  "Yes, I haven't been shopping for a long while and meeting you yesterday well anyway; I wanted to look nice for you.


Alex:  "Why don't you put all your bags in my car. Here are the keys; and I'll save our booth."


Rye:  "If anyone tries to pick you up while I'm gone just tell them you're already attached."


Alex:  "Don't worry, no one is gona' make a move on me."


As Rye grabs up all his bags and heads for the car. Alex starts to read the menu. This restaurant is a bar and grill with a dance floor and a loud oldies DJ on a stage. It is very difficult to hear each other communicate. Rye comes back through the crowd and sits down at the booth.


Alex:  "What are you gona' have?"


Rye:  "What I usually get; the #4 which is the steak dinner."


As the male waiter comes over and takes their order.


Alex:  "I think I'll have the #9 the seafood platter and blue cheese for my salad and an ice tea with lots of lemon."


Rye:  "The #4, bake potato and also blue cheese for my salad and an ice tea with lemon."


Male Waiter:  "Will that be all?"


Rye and Alex:  "Yes...Thank you."


As the male waiter leaves and comes back with the two ice teas and an appetizer platter.


Male Waiter:  "Enjoy the evening."


As the male waiter places the two ice teas and the appetizer platter down on the table.


Alex and Rye together:  "Thank you."


Alex is a little nervous sitting there and looking at Rye and smiling; because of the earlier event at the Condo. Alex and Rye enjoy the appetizer. To break the silence...


Alex:  "What did you buy?"


Rye:  "Everything, a whole new wardrobe. dress suits, casual suits, sport and lounging clothes, jammies, underwear, socks, shoes, slippers..."


Alex:  "Wow, I get the picture."


As they continue to enjoy the appetizer.


Rye:  "I don't why; but I feel nervous and anxious at the same time. But I'm going to pull it out anyway."


Alex:  "What!"


As Rye pulls out from his pocket a jewelry box and puts it on the table in front of Alex.


Rye:  "I got you something while I was shopping. It's just a memory gift of our first meeting."


Alex opens the jewelry box.


Alex:  "Oh, it's beautiful."


The gift is a small heart statue that says: Rye is in love with Alex...and yesterday's date May 1, 2009 of their first meeting.


Rye:  "I had it engraved."


Alex:  "I see...Rye is in love with Alex...5/01/2009. I love it, thank you."


Rye:  "I hope you and I are never ending."


Alex:  "I feel very desired. Be patient with me."


Rye:  "I will, one day at a time."


As the male waiter brings over their dinner.


Alex:  "Wow, is this all fresh seafood?"


Male Waiter:  "Yes, I hope you enjoy your meal."


Alex:  "Thank you."


As the male waiter places Rye's dinner in front of him.

Rye:  "Thank you."


Alex:  "They gave you a huge steak."


Rye: "I always get the #4 when I come here."

As Ed and Carol come in the door of the restaurant to find Alex and Rye. They walk through the crowd to their booth.


Carol:  "There she is."


Ed:  "She's with the guy that we always see in the same booth eating alone."


Carol:  "I see that. Come on let's check on her."


As they walk through the crowd and reach their booth; Carol and Ed interacts with Alex and introduces themselves to Rye. 


Carol:  "Ed and I decided to come and go dancing. I'm Carol by the way and this is Ed my husband."


Ed:  "Hi."


As Ed shakes hands with Rye.


Rye:  "I'm Rye."


Ed:  "We see you all the time using this same booth eating alone; and tonight I see you are in good company with our friend Alex."


Carol:  "You be good to Alex. She hasn't been on a date in ages!"


Alex:  "Look what Rye gave me."


Carol:  "Rye you're serious."


Rye:  "I am."


Alex:  "Give me some time, we just met."


Ed: "Is that the bump their playing?"


As Ed dances the bump against Carol; and Carol with Ed.


Carol:  "We'll be back. We like to dance, its great exercise."


As Carol and Ed start dancing the bump down the aisle to the dance floor.


Rye:  "Your friends are fun people."


Alex:  "I know. They're young at heart."


As they watch Carol and Ed and others dance the bump...

Time passes while they eat and watch what's going on, on the dance floor.


Alex:  "Would you excuse me. I need to use the ladies room."


Rye:  "Need help!"


Rye laughs.


Alex:  "No."


Rye:  "Ok. Just wanted to let you know; I'm at your beck and call."


Alex:  "I'll remember you said that in the future."


As Alex leaves for the bathroom, Carol sees her and leaves the dance floor to follow Alex into the ladies room. Ed keeps dancing. Everyone is facing the DJ that is on stage dancing too - doing a line dance (which is a slip slid step back and forth flinging their arms to the air) to the very loud oldies music The McCoys, HANG ON SLOOPY. Alex goes into one bathroom stall and Carol into the stall next to her.


Carol:  "How's it going? I mean did he change his personality yet?"


Alex:  "No. But I wish I didn't act like such an introvert with men when I'm out on a date."


Carol:  "Well, you don't want to bring up old baggage with them like discussing past boyfriends. That only creates in their minds some kind of competition. And they might respond doing the same. And then you will feel uncomfortable that others in his life before you maybe, were more attractive to him than you. So don't bring up anything from the past and create your memories from the minute you guys met."


Alex:  "You're right. I don't want to hear about all the groupie parties that the band he plays for has when their out on the road on tour. He probably has had a lot sex with a lot of different women. Now that I think about it. I hope he doesn't have AIDS."


Carol:  "They use a condom, I'm sure. Plus, they won't want to get stuck raising a child and paying out child support for the next 18 years."


Ed pokes his head into the ladies room door.


Ed:  "What are you doing Carol? Helping Alex write her two days worth of memoirs about Rye on the toilet bowl?"


Carol:  "Alex thinks she is an introvert when she's out on a date with men."


Ed:  "Is anyone else in there besides the both of you?"


Carol:  "No."


Ed:  "I'm coming in."


Ed heads for one of the stalls next to them.


Ed:  "Alex, why do you think you're an introvert?"


Alex:  "Cause, I like this guy; and I don't know what to talk about. And I don't want to talk about the band he plays for; and all those groupie parties."


Ed:  "Just let conversation happen. And if no one is talking, just smile and look deeply into his eyes."

Ed laughs.


Alex:  "He does have nice eyes."


Carol flushes the toilet and walks over to the sink. At the same time a woman walks into the ladies room and enters one of the stalls and heard Ed talking.


Woman:  "Is there a male using the ladies room?"


Carol:  "No. She's gay. Right, honey?"


High voice from Ed.


Ed:  "Yes sweetcomes."


Woman:  "My brother went through seven years of therapy before his sex change last year. He couldn't accept living in a male body when he felt he was a woman."


Carol is sitting on the counter while talking with everyone in the stalls.


Carol:  "Wow, that must of hurt."


Woman:  "When they do the operation, you're under anesthesia."


Carol:  "I should think so. But I would be curious to know if the plastic surgeon builds a clitoris that would be orgasmic and is the orgasmic feeling for your brother different now."


Ed:  "Stop it girls! You're making me have a shy bladder."


As the woman flushes and goes to the sink and washes her hands and leaves the ladies room.


Woman:  "I hope everything comes out ok."


Male waiter at the ladies room door. Door cracked open.


Male Waiter:  "Is there an Alex in here? Rye wants to know if you fell in; And that he should call the Fire Dept. Cause, he said, he can't swim to save you."


Alex:  "Tell him I'll be there in a moment. I'm fixing my lipstick."

Male waiter goes away.


Ed:  "He can't swim? You have a huge Olympic size pool, Alex. Why don't you invite him over and teach him how to swim."


Carol:  "Yeah. That's an idea."


Alex:  "What do you mean? Like tonight?"


Ed:  "Yeah."


Carol:  "Let him use one of the guest rooms."


Alex:  "What if he thinks I want to have sex; that's why the invite."


Carol:  "Explain that this is to get to know each other and to see if the both of you are compatible as a couple."


Ed:  "I don't think he would jump on you right away. Remember, all those groupies! I'll break the ice for you and tell him this is my idea. I'll make the invite for you."


Alex:  "Whoa. Wait minute Ed."

Ed washes quickly and leaves... and heads for the booth where Rye is.


Carol:  "He left already."


Alex:  "I think I'm so nervous that I'm constipated."


Carol:  "Just relax. Ed will work out all the details out with Rye so he doesn't get the wrong idea."


Alex:  "I don't know, this idea is kinda' forward. Do you think?"


Carol:  "It's just an invite. Don't worry."


Alex flushes the toilet and walks over to the sink and then both Carol and Alex leave for the booth. As they approach the booth they hear Ed say to Rye.

Ed:  "...and Alex has a bad back; she injured it at a spring board competition event."


Alex:  "What are you doing Ed? Giving Rye all my health problems."


Rye:  "I want to come home with you."


Ed:  "I explained and he understands that this is a turning point of getting to know each other. And that, if your feelings for each other are strong enough to withstand each other's bad habits and any arguments that might ensue..."


Alex:  "I'm just gona' sit here."


Alex sits next to Rye and Carol sits next to Ed in the booth.


Carol:  "Let's let Ed keep the ball rolling."


Alex:  "I'll be quiet. It's starting become a business meeting."


Ed:  "What's your birthday?"


Rye:  "Dec. 4, 1972. I'm a Sagittarius."


Carol:  "That's my birthday. Is that extraordinary. What time were you born?"


Rye:  "2:35 in the afternoon."


Carol:  "I'm older. I was born in the morning 10:20."


Ed:  "So we got two Sagittarius and I'm a Gemini June 1, 1977 and Alex is a Taurus and her birthday is coming up on Wed.; she'll be 48. Looks like she's 11 years older than you. Do you have a problem with that?"


Rye:  "Absolutely NO. I'm in love with Alex."


As Rye puts his arm around her waist, open his hand wide and grabs her in the hip area; and pulls her close to him on the booth seat.


Alex:  "He just expressed himself boldly and determined Ed."


Ed:  "That's good. Now do you have any children?"


Alex:  "Do you think that you're giving him the third degree?"


Carol:  "It's a rightly question. I would like to know myself."


Rye:  "No, I had a vasectomy when I was 19. I don't want kids. There is too much humanity on the earth as it is... and the pollution it creates, woo!"


Ed:  "Carol and I don't want any children either. I also had it done. I don't know about you; but my sexual experience is very enhanced since I had the procedure." 


Rye:  "I'll have to agree with you."


Ed:  "Alex doesn't have any children either. She's in her menopause cycle anyway."


Alex:  "Oh, please."


Carol:  "That's Ed, always covering all the bases."


Ed:  "How about your health. Should Alex be worried about you in the near future? ...and also Carol and I, cause we are all family. We do everything together."


Rye:  "I have a heart murmur; I get tired a lot. But I also have trouble sleeping at night. I'll get up and watch TV usually."


Ed:  "Alex has an entertainment room which I fixed up for her. If you happen to use the TV, use the headphones. The speakers I put in there are better than a movie theater. And Alex also gets up in the middle of the night to get her juice. How I know this is when Carol and I stayed at her house while our new house was being built. Plus are you a dog person or a cat person? Alex has two dogs a Great Dane and a Standard Poodle."


Rye:  "I never had a pet. I consider myself as a city slicker being raised in Chicago. But if I were to choose I like dogs more."


Ed:  "Alright we got the dog issue out of the way. Now I told you about the pool. And I don't want to repeat myself. But if you so much as put your big toe into Alex's pool, you must wear a life preserver. She has everything for the pool in her bath house. I don't want to hear Alex on the other end of a phone conversation panicking screaming that you're drowning. Alex used to swim race competitively. She will teach you how to swim."


Rye:  "I will."


Alex:  "You have never been swimming?"


Rye: "No, the largest body of water I have ever splashed in is a bathtub."


Everyone laughs.


Carol: "Have you ever visited a shrink?"


Alex gives Carol a look.


Alex:  "Yeah, like for depression cause maybe your heart murmur is an issue for you."


Rye:  "No, I just am tired a lot."


Ed pulls out his wallet and hands Rye a business card with Carol's and his cell phone numbers on it and their business names CAROL'S HOMES AND ED'S CONSTRUCTION.


Ed:  "Here are both of our cell phone numbers. Call us for any reason or no reason, it doesn't matter."


Rye:  "Thank you, I'm starting to feel accepted as part of the family."


Ed reaches for a promotional pen out of the comment card holder that is on the booth's table.


Ed:  "Are you a lefty or a righty?"


Rye:  "A righty."


Ed:  "Let me see your right thumb."


Carol: "Ed's indoctrination for world harmony."


Ed draws on Rye's underside right thumb two dots for eyes and a line for a smile. And then he draws the same on his right thumb. Then shakes hands with Rye in a grip style hand shake whereby both the thumbs touch.


Ed:  "We're thumbpals... Thumbpals influence friendships, love and peace."


Rye:  "Thumbpals, always. That's neat!"


Carol:  "Let's order a mudslide and share it together."


Alex:  "I would like a root beer float with it."


Rye:  "Me too."


Carol:  "Me three."


Ed:  "Carol is driving. I want another beer."


Male waiter comes over and takes their order.


Carol:  "We'll have the large mudslide, we're sharing; and three root beer floats and a beer."


Male Waiter:  "Thank you."


Ed:  "I never had a mudslide with a beer. Do you think it will cause a tummy ache?"


Carol:  "Would you like chips and salsa instead?"


Ed:  "I think I'd better."


Male waiter returns with the mudslide and the three root beer floats and the beer.


Carol:  "I would like also a nacho platter."


Male Waiter:  "Ok, anything else?"


Ed:  "Extra napkins."


Male Waiter:  "Enjoy your evening."


Ed:  "Let me take a small taste to see if it goes with the beer."


Everyone watches Ed eat a small bit of the mudslide.


Carol:  "Well?"


Ed:  "I think I'll munch on the nachos."


Male waiter arrives with the nachos platter and the napkins.


Male Waiter:  "How's the mudslide?"


Everyone:  "It's great."


Male Waiter:  "Enjoy."


Everyone is sharing the mudslide except for Ed, he is eating the nachos.


Rye:  "Before we leave, I have to call my mom."


Alex:  "You live with your mom?"


Rye:  "No. When my dad died my mom didn't want to be by herself. So she moved into the Condo."


Carol:  "That is so nice."


Alex:  "Call her now so you won't forget."


Rye dials the phone. His mom answers.


Rye:  "Mom, I'm with Alex and she has invited me over to her house."


Pause...we can't hear his mom's side of the conversation.


Rye:  "No. I bought a whole new wardrobe today. I don't need anything."


Pause...we can't hear his mom's side of the conversation.


Rye:  "Tell Zack to cover for me for the next tour."


Pause...we can't hear his mom's side of the conversation.


Rye:  "Ok, mom. Love you, bye."


Alex:  "Zack plays drums for the band when you're not available?"


Rye:  "Yeah, sometimes I need R & R. I just don't have the energy anymore."


Ed is pushing this relationship foreword...


Ed:  "It looks like with Alex in your life maybe you should give up the band altogether. Unless you feel uncomfortable as Alex's soul mate for life and a kept man. For Alex's sake you should retire and the both of you enjoy each other."


Alex:  "I would like that Rye. To be with you and not share you with the band."


Carol:  "Alex likes isolation. That's why I built her house almost on top of the mountain."


Ed:  "And we're two doors from Alex about ½ mile below."


Rye:  "I'm afraid of heights. I get vertigo."


Ed:  "Alex's house is one story. Most of the view is looking outward. And the road I constructed is wide and safe. Don't look down when traveling the road. Just think of it as a big hill. You'll get use to it. And if a bear or a cougar finds its way on to the property. Call me. I have a tranquilizing  gun. Alex's barrier around the property is very secure. You shouldn't expect such a thing to occur. Alex's house is very relaxing."


Alex:  "It is. It's like taking a forever vacation. You'll love it. All's you hear and see is wild life up there."


Ed:  "I'll tell you what. I'll come by around 4 tomorrow and well ride up and down the mountain together in the daylight. That should get your fears somewhat under control."


Carol:  "Good idea."


Alex:  "You can show him the area and where we shop for groceries."


Ed:  "It's a date, 4 tomorrow."


Rye:  "I'll be ready. Thumbpals."


Rye shakes hands with Ed.


Carol:  "We'll follow you back to the house; and help Rye get settled in tonight."


Alex:  "We can hang out and get our hearing back. This DJ is loud."


Rye:  "The band I play for is even louder. We play heavy metal."


Ed:  "Cool! Besides loving to dance to the oldies; when I'm running my heavy equipment moving dirt for CAROL'S HOMES. I got the volume way up playing heavy metal."


Carol:  "I always wondered why you were sometimes bouncing your head back and forth. I thought you hit a rough grade."


Ed:  "I'm digging the vibes and the dirt. You know how much I love running my heavy equipment."


Carol:  "Yes, I do know. You can never take the kid out of Ed. I love you."

Carol gives Ed a huggie kiss. And Rye pulls Alex against him.


Alex:  "Let's continue all this mushy stuff at the house."


Ed:  "I'm ready."


Rye:  "Me too."


They leave a $20.00 tip on the table. Carol gets up and the rest follow Carol, they pay; and then they leave out of the restaurant to Alex's car. Ed helps Rye get into Alex's car. Alex gets in and starts the car.


Ed:  "We'll be right behind you."


As Ed and Carol get into their car. Carol drives and follows behind Alex. They are driving down the road.


Carol:  "What do you think?"


Ed:  "About what?"


Carol:  "Rye."


Ed:  "He's a straight up guy."


Carol:  "I mean, do you think his other personalities are going to be a problem for Alex to deal with?"


Ed:  "I don't know until I see one of the other personalities appear."


Carol:  "I tried to do the shrink thing."


Ed:  "That was a good idea; and he responded with integrity. He's really in love with Alex."


Carol:  "I know and I like him a lot."


Ed:  "Let's give Alex total support and help her with this relationship. And I like the guy too."


Now we're in Alex's car. They are driving up the dark mountain.


Alex:  "Look how beautiful the lights are from this height."


Rye:  "I see."


Alex:  "Are you feeling vertigo?"


Rye:  "Not really. It's dark. I can't see how high we are."


Alex:  "We're almost here. That's my house just ahead."


Rye:  "It looks like a pentagon."


Alex:  "It's actually an octagon, eight angles; with the pool area being a longer angle. Carol designs beautiful unique custom homes. We've been best friends and real estate partners for over ten years."


As Alex opens the entrance gate and pulls the car through and Carol follows behind them. They park their SUV's at the front of the house and all get out. Alex and Carol head for the house. Ed walks over to Rye.


Ed:  "Did you get vertigo?"


Rye: "No. It's dark. I can't tell how high I am."


Alex and Carol enter the house.


Ed:  "At this elevation some people have difficulty breathing. But you'll get use to it."


As Rye starts to grab the shopping bags out of the car. Ed helps.


Ed:  "Let me help you with that stuff; and I'll show you where the guest rooms are."


As they (Ed and Rye) walk into the area of the house where the guest bedrooms are...

The exterior of Alex's house is Classical Greek architecture with a huge dome covering the octagon's eight angles; with bright lights beamed upward on the walls at ground level. When you enter the house - the center is the oval living-room with a large pit type fireplace. Surrounding the perimeter of this living-room is an open wall system with Greek columns creating an open hallway. The perimeter of this hallway has many doors that lead into bedrooms and open areas to the entertainment room, dining-room, kitchen, etc., etc... The pool area has a fan type roof system that looks like numerous Chinese fans that are spread open overlapping each other; with sliding glass doors surrounding this whole area.

Ed will show Rye many of the unique designed guest bedrooms down the open hallway...


Ed:  "You have four themes of interior designs to choose from. Fishes, Dinosaurs, Arctic and Bears. Alex's room is birds with a compass bed. Carol and I stayed in the Arctic bedroom cause of the king size bed and the two bathrooms. Some of our clothes are still here. This house has two master suites. The Arctic and Alex's bedroom. Carol and Alex hate to share their bathroom with us guys. Alex's second bathroom in her bedroom has never been used. Just to let you know, you'll be the first guy to flush."


As Rye looks over each guest bedroom.


Rye:  "If I get the opportunity to flush; I'll feel honored."


Ed:  "The beds were especially manufactured. That's Carol's creativity."


Rye:  "I like the round bed and the bears. I'll sleep here."


Ed: "Good choice. You can hear Alex if she needs you."


As they carry the shopping bags into the bedroom.


Ed:  "All the bedrooms have a washer and dryer in the private bath. And the supply closet is down the hall if you need toothpaste, shavers, deodorant, shampoo, towels, toilet paper... Alex is always prepared for what I don't know. She keeps large supplies of everything. By the way; how do you hang your toilet paper?"


Rye:  "Why?"


Ed:  "Well, one of the first arguments might be over a stupid trivial issue like hanging toilet paper."


Rye:  "I hang with the sheets coming over the top."


Ed:  "Good, Alex does too; and so does Carol and I. Alex likes to sleep late. You also have to watch out for the washer and dryer noise. It can be heard."


Rye:  "That's good to know."


Ed:  "She also keeps her bedroom door open for her dogs. I suggest that you respect her privacy until the both of you build your relationship."


As the dogs come over to visit Ed. The male Great Dane is Ron and the female Standard Poodle is CC.


Rye:  "Beautiful dogs."


Ed:  "This is Ron and this is CC. Ron's been fixed but sometimes he'll get a little action when CC is in heat."


They both laugh.


Rye:  "I won't watch."


Ed shouts out.      


Ed:  "What are you girls doing?"


Carol shouts back out of Alex's bedroom.


Carol:  "We're doing girl stuff... Show Rye the house."


Ed:  "I stay out the way when their doing girl stuff. You never know what you'll walk into."


Rye and Ed laugh.


Rye:  "I'll hang up my clothes later. I'm nervous. I know I will be up all night. Show me the house."


As the dogs follow Ed and Rye to the pool; and Ed shows Rye the pool's bath house. They walk through the kitchen to the pool area. Ed and Rye are in the bathhouse. There are all kinds of safety and emergency items in this bathhouse including four huge suit case size first aid kits.


Ed:  "See, Alex is always prepared. It's kinda over kill; but it's better to be ready than not. She still has our scuba gear here. What size shoe are you?"


Rye:  "13."


Ed:  "I'm the same size. The ocean fins should fit you. We haven't scuba dived since the shark incident two years ago."


Rye:  "You were attacked?"


Ed:  "Not really. We got out before there was a near miss. But we watched them from the boat. I wouldn't want to tango with them. Pretty scary."


Rye:  "I've watched some of those shark movies. I wouldn't want to put my big toe in the ocean even if you were to pay me."


Ed picks up one of the life preservers.


Ed:  "Speaking about your big toe. Let me show you how you use this."


Rye:  "Wait a minute. Let me get out of these clothes."


As Rye walks into the bath house's bathroom to take off all of his clothes except for his blue nylon stretchy boxer type underpants and his white under shirt. He walks out and stands before Ed.


Ed:  "Those are nice boxers. They look like stretchy Bermuda swimming trunks. Cool!"


Rye:  "They do?"


Ed:  "Yeah."


As Ed puts the life preserver on Rye.


Rye:  "I definitely want Alex to teach me how to swim."


Ed:  "See, now you're buoyant. You can doggie paddle in this. You will not sink. And if you think water will go up your nose while you're splashing around, you can use the rubber nose pinchers. They go on like this."


As Ed puts the nose pinchers on himself and a pair on Rye. Rye laughs as they both look into the mirror with their nose pinchers on.


Ed:  "Breath through your mouth. That's it. And if you can't see... you can put these swimming goggles on."


Ed puts on the swimming goggles on himself and a pair on Rye.


Ed:  "And if you want to move fast in the water; you can use the ocean fins."


Ed puts the ocean fins on Rye. These ocean fins are black and white that look like a whale's tail.


Rye:  "The fins are the color of a whale's tail."


Ed:  "Aren't they cool! I think you're ready."


Rye:  "I'm ready to put my big toe in."


Ed:  "I'm just funning' with you. Alex is a great swimmer. You'll learn how to swim from the best."


Rye:  "But I want to put my big toe now."


Ed:  "Ok. But I'm drunk. So let me hook you up to this 30 ft. retractable leash so I can real you in."


Ed runs the dog leash through one of the life preserver's shoulder area's pads and clips it. He test's the dog leash by pulling some of the length out and then pushing the button to retract the leash.


Ed:  "Hey, it looks like this will work."


Ed and Rye walk over to the pool; and Rye starts to walk down the large very wide stair case into the pool. Ed keeps letting out more length of the dog leash.


Rye:  It's warm."


Ed:  "It's heated. You can swim in it year round. That's why the weather enclosures. You can open all the doors on nice days and close everything up on colder days."


As Rye walks deeper into the pool.


Rye:  "I'm not touching bottom."


Ed:  "See, you're floating. Now try to use the fins and your arms to move around."


Ed keeps lengthen the dog leash. But keeps it taught. Rye is splashing about. Carol comes out to the pool and sees what's going on.


Carol:  "What are you doing?"


Ed:  "Showing Rye the ropes."


Carol looks at Ed wearing the goggles on his forehead and the nose pinchers around his neck holding the retractable dog leash.


Carol:  "Don't jump into the pool with all that beer you've had."


Ed:  "Can you get me another beer. I'll sit out here til you're ready to go home."


Carol:  "Alright. No pool. What do you want Rye?"


Ed:  "I'll be good."   


Rye:  "I'll take an ice tea if you have it."


Ed takes off his swimming equipment; places it on the table beside him; and sits on the furniture near the pool holding the dog leash. Carol comes back, hands Ed a beer and sets Rye's tea on the table next to Ed.


Rye:  "What's Alex doing?"


Carol:  "She and I are watching a movie. I mean it Ed, no pool."


Ed: "I won't, I know I'm drunk."


Carol leaves the pool area.


Rye:  "I think I got the idea. I want to come out."


Ed:  "Ok, just try to doggie paddle and use the fins and I'll real you in."


Rye splashes around and walks out of the pool towards Ed. Ed unclips the dog leash from the life preserver. Rye goes into the bath house to remove the equipment and his white under shirt; and puts on one of the terry bathrobes. And then comes back to join Ed.


Rye:  "That was easy enough."


Ed:  "Shoo! I think I hear a bear."


Rye:  "Where?"


Ed gets up and get's the spotlight and points it in the direction he thinks the bear's noise came from.


Ed:  "There."


Rye:  "I see him."


Ed:  "Let's get a closer look."


Rye:  "Why don't we get him a sandwich."


Ed:  "Ok, I'll make the sandwich and you go to the fireplace and get the tongs. We'll feed him with the tongs."


Rye puts on his shoes; and Ed and Rye hurry and complete their tasks and come back to the pool area. They walk together towards the bear which is on the other side of the fence. Alex and Carol can see them through the large glass wall in the entertainment room. As Carol gets up and gets a closer look through the glass.


Alex:  "What are they doing?"


Carol:  "It looks like their feeding a bear."


Alex:  "They'll be alright. Let's enjoy our movie. It's almost over."


Ed is holding the tongs through the fence feeding the bear while Rye watches.


Rye:  "Their mouths are like a dogs."


Ed:  "Only bigger and stronger."


The bear tries to grab the tongs and Ed pulls back not letting go and falls backwards.


Rye:  "Are you ok?"


Ed:  "Yeah. See how strong they are."


Rye:  "I won't want to tango with them."


As Ed and Rye head back to the pool and sit down. Carol comes out to the pool with Alex. Carol looks at Ed.


Carol:  "I'm ready to go. Are You?"


Ed:  "I'm ready."


Everyone starts to leave the pool area and heads for the front door to the house. Alex notices Rye's boxers as he is walking with his terry robe loosely open.


Alex:  "I like your swimming trunks."


Ed:  "I told you they look like swimming trunks."


Rye:  "Thank you, but there are actually stretchy boxers."


Alex: "You could have fooled me."


They reach the front door to the house.


Ed:  "Carol and I will be by around 4."


Alex:  "I'll put on some pork baby backs. We'll have dinner."


Carol and Ed get into their car as Alex and Rye watch from the front door.


Carol: "See you tomorrow."


They leave. Alex closes the front door and she and Rye stand looking at each other.


Alex:  "You first."


Rye:  "Hum. I'm nervous. Hum. I like the bear room."


Alex:  "I'm nervous too. I mean, do you want me to show you anything more about the house or did Ed pretty much cover it."


Rye:  "Ed covered it very well."


Alex:  "Feel free to use all the amenities. And tomorrow when you go with Ed; let's make a list before you go. You can go grocery shopping for us."


Rye:  "Can I feed the dogs when I make food for myself?"


Alex:  "Sure. They eat everything... Well, I'm tired. I'm calling it a night."


Rye:  "Can I give you a huggy buggy?"


As he reaches out toward her and pulls her into him and gives her a big hug. And she responds back. Then they separate.


Alex:  "That was a nice feeling Rye. I'll see you tomorrow. Nighty night."


As she walks towards her bedroom, then into her bedroom and closes her door partially so that her dogs are free to come and go.

...Time passes to about 3:30am Sunday. Alex walks out of her bedroom to get her juice. When she walks out of her bedroom door and heads for the kitchen. The angle of her bedroom door and the walk towards the kitchen; she's able to see 1/3 of the entertainment's room area. And who is sitting in there; and what they are watching on the big wall TV. Tonight she sees Rye on the sofa with his old timers jammies with matching hat on; and wearing the headphones. And also the Great Dane, Ron, has headphones on sitting beside Rye. Their watching swimming racing competition; and the part Alex sees when she gets her juice is the part where the swimmers dive into the water and start swimming as fast as they can. She pauses and watches a moment and then continues to walk into the kitchen to get her juice. On her way back she pauses again to see what's on TV; and then walks into her bedroom with her juice in her hand.

...Time passes and it is about 11:00am Sunday morning. Alex has already had a bath and is dressed very nice for Rye. She is wearing lounging clothes - a bright colored print ankle length kulas outfit . When she heads towards the kitchen to prepare coffee, CC is following her. Her view through the glass doors is the whole pool area. What she sees is Rye wearing his life preserver, swimming goggles, the nose pinches and the ocean fins, his stretchy light blue Bermuda boxers and a white under shirt. He is standing at the edge of the pool leaping and diving into the pool like the swimming racers do. Only he does a belly flop with his legs wide open. Alex screams as she runs towards the pool from the kitchen.


Alex:  "Oh my god, he'll kill himself."


She hurries to where Rye is in the pool.


Alex:  "Are you alright?"


She also sees the Great Dane, Ron in the pool swimming with a life preserver on. But it is on him backwards.


Rye:  "Yeah, I've been doing this all morning trying to get it right."

Alex is looking at him with a worried face.


Alex:  "Thank goodness you didn't hurt yourself. You never dive into a pool with a life preserver on."


As Rye doggie paddles to the side of the pool and climbs out. Ron heads for the large staircase at the other side of the pool. Alex takes the life preserver off of Ron.


Alex:  "Come on. I will teach you how to swim."


Rye:  "Yeah!"


As she walks into the water with her lounging outfit on. And Rye walks over to where she is at the large stair case.


Alex:  "Grab one of the kick boards and a pair of goggles for me."


As Rye comes over with the equipment and steps into the water. He starts to remove the life preserver.


Alex:  "Leave the life preserver on just in case."


Rye:  "Alright, what do I do?"


Alex:  "First take off the fins and the nose pinchers. Leave the nose pinchers around your neck; and push the goggles up. I want us to sit on the stair and kick. Point your toes like this and keep your legs straight."

They Kick and make a lot of splashing.


Rye:  "How am I doing?"


Alex:  "That's right. Ok, now I want us to turn over on our stomachs and do the same like this. Keep your toes pointed and your legs straight."


Alex stops and helps Rye keep his legs straight by touching him.


Rye:  "You're tickling me."


Alex laughs.


Alex:  "Not on purpose. Now grab the kick board."


Rye:  "Do I take the life preserver off now?"


Alex:  "Not yet, get your stomach on the kick board; and hold the board like this... Now kick til' you get to the side of the pool; and then come back kicking... You're doing good. You are a very strong kicker."


Rye:  "It's easy, I just need practice."


Alex:  "Now, I want to show you how to tread water."


Rye: "Can I take the life preserver off now?"


Alex:  "Not yet. When you tread water is when you swim in one place with your head above water without moving forward. And the best way to do this is by scissor kicking. You open your legs and push them close like this. Look under water with your goggles."

As Rye puts his nose pinchers on and puts down his goggles over his eyes; holds his breath and looks under water at Alex's legs opening and closing.


Alex:  "You try it... And move your arms back and forth like this."


Rye:  "Like this?"


Alex:  "It looks right. Let's take the life preserver off and stay here where you can touch bottom and try it."


Rye:  "Alright, I'm ready to test my buoyancy."


Rye takes off the life preserver and his white under shirt. He tries to tread water next to Alex.


Alex:  "You're doing it. Try to move your arms like this and make a full turn like me."


Rye:  "I did it, it's easy."


Rye spits water like a whales spout. Alex laughs.


Alex:  "You almost can swim as good as a whale. Now let's stand on the stair and try breathing. Keep your nose pinchers and goggles on. I want you to take a deep breath hold it and then blow it out of your mouth. Never inhale through your nose."


Rye does it.


Alex:  "Now take a deep breath and blow into the water like this. Lift your head out of the water; take a deep breath and blow again. Keep doing that some more."


Rye:  "I'm getting a little light headed."


Alex:  "Do you want to rest?"


Rye:  "Not really. I always have spells of dizziness. This is too much fun to stop now."


Alex:  "Ok, we'll move to the crawl. I want you to take your left arm and reach forward. Cup your hand like your grabbing water. Push the water behind you like this."

Alex shows Rye the complete movement and she also helps him do it.


Alex:  "And do the same with the right. Let's try this movement with breathing. Only this time I want you to turn your head to the right when you take a breath of air... You did it. I want you to put the fins back on cause the fins make you move faster in the water which will make your swimming more buoyant."


Rye:  "Alright, I'm ready."


Alex:  "Stay here in the shallow area just in case you need to touch bottom."


Rye:  "Ok."


Alex:  "Let's see you swim."


Rye starts swimming pretty good.


Alex:  "Keep your legs together and straight. You learn fast. Always use your arms to maneuver yourself when you're trying to turn; like when we were treading water... And when you try diving like the racers do? Always keep your legs together and point your toes."


Alex stays standing in the water waist high. Rye goes underwater, takes off his Bermuda stretchy boxers and tosses them out of the pool.


Alex:  "What are you doing?"


Rye:  "Whales don't wear clothes."


As Rye goes back under water and flips his fins which look like a whale's tail when sticking out of the water together. He comes up for air and spits water like a whale.


Alex:  "You are a whale."


Rye takes a deep breath and goes back under water. He then swims towards Alex. Alex standing in the pool's water waist high tries to look underwater with her goggles. Rye surprises her and comes up right in front of her. They are face to face, stomach to stomach touching. Rye looks at her through his goggles and grabs her buttocks area with a wide open right hand. His wide open left hand he places on the back of her neck head area holding her. He pulls her close and deep kisses her. This scene should be filmed looking at Alex's back; but still capturing the swimming goggles on Rye. He breaks the kiss and falls backwards into the water and yells. Alex couldn't see his nudity clearly because her goggles became steamed up.


Rye:  "Whee!"


She removes her goggles and splashes water at Rye. She starts to step out of the pool and notices the time looking at the clock hanging near the bath house.


Alex:  "Look at the time. I need to get ready for Carol and Ed."


Rye:  "Alright, I'll start to get ready too."


Alex hurries to her bedroom before Rye steps out of the pool.

...Time passes and a buzzer sounds in the house. Alex is in the kitchen putting the pork baby backs in the oven. Rye walks into the kitchen and asks.


Rye:  "Did you hear a buzzer?"


Alex:  "Every time someone passes through the gate the buzzer sounds. Carol and Ed have the pin number to the gate."


Rye:  "That's neat. Let's meet them at the door together."


Alex:  "You're being silly."


Rye:  "No. I'm not, come on."


Rye grabs Alex's hand and they walk to the front door and Rye opens it as Carol and Ed come towards the entrance.


Ed:  "Uh-Oh! Answering the door holding hands; Something's up."


Alex:  "Rye knows how to swim now."


Rye:  "Alex is a good teacher."


Carol:  "Now we don't have to worry about you drowning."


Ed:  "Are you ready? Let's put a handle on your vertigo."

Rye:  "Yes."


Alex:  "Wait a minute."


Alex leaves to get the grocery list and the charge card and comes back.


Alex:  "Here's the grocery list and the pin number for the charge card is on the list. Get what ever you like."


Ed:  "We'll buy out the store."


As Ed and Rye head for the car. Ed makes Rye drive.


Carol:  "Have fun."


Alex:  "Dinner should be ready by the time you get back."


Carol closes the front door and then Carol and Alex go to the kitchen to prepare food.


Carol:  "Did he change personalities yet?"


Alex:  "Not yet. But he kissed me again. Oh, Carol. I'm really falling for him."


Carol:  "Where did he kiss you?"


Alex:  "I was teaching him swimming in the pool. He was swimming on his own. When he comes up from under the water he tosses his blue boxers out of the pool."


Carol:  "You mean he was swimming nude?"


Alex:  "Yes, and then he goes back under water. I tried to see him with my goggles; but he swam toward me and surprised me. We were standing waist high in the water. He grabbed me and kissed me. Then he fell backward into the water making a big splash."


Carol:  "Did he get an erection?"


Alex:  "I couldn't see. My goggles were all steamy."


Carol laughs and then Alex.

...Now we go to the SUV and see how Rye and Ed are doing. They are pulling into the driveway of the grocery store. Rye is still driving the SUV. He is parking and they both get out of the car.


Ed:  "You drove up and down the mountain six times. How do you feel?"


Rye:  "It's not too bad."


Ed:  "See, you just have to get use to it. Now let's buy out the store."


As they both walk towards the store.


Rye:  "Let's not break Alex's purse."


Ed:  "Alex is land wealthy. Meaning that she is very liquid also. She owns over two-million acres of raw land in four States and worth over seventy-million. I meant what I said about being Alex's soul mate for life and a kept man.


Rye:  "I'm in love with Alex. The kept man feeling I'm uncomfortable with. I guess it's the masculine male ego kicking in. Our instinct, our manhood."


Ed and Rye pause walking.


Ed:  "They say that there is someone for everyone. Alex has never had a someone for her. No relationship is perfect. There is always some kind of situation we all have to handle and except. Whenever your male ego gets the better of you. Step back and look at Alex. Be happy. Most relationships are created by a chance meeting. No one can plan ahead to fall in love. It just happens. And to understand the feeling; it's un-describable. Build your relationship day by day from moment to moment. You're in a relaxing calm environment. The both of you have each other. You're relationship will be what you make of it. Of course Carol and I will be on board your love ship navigating from time to time. So keep plenty of my favorite beer on stock. Come on. Let's buy out the store."  


Rye:  "Well, let's not buy out the whole store. We will get fat."


As they walk into the store...

The next scene...

Time passes to about 3:30am Monday. Alex walks out of her bedroom to get her juice. When she walks out of her bedroom door and heads for the kitchen (CC is following). The angle of her bedroom door; and the walk towards the kitchen. She's able to see 1/3 of the entertainment's room area. And who is sitting in there; and what they are watching on the big wall TV. Tonight she sees Rye wearing his jammies with the headphones on doing jazzercising exercise to the oldies; and following what they are doing on the TV. The Great Dane, Ron, is jumping on and off the sofa like he is exercising with Rye. Alex pauses and watches a moment and then continues to walk into the kitchen to get her juice. On her way back she pauses again to see what's on TV. She puts her juice down and then proceeds to try to do the exercise that Rye is seeing on TV. All of a sudden Alex pulls her back out and she's stuck in a bent over position. She moans in pain as she walks back into her bedroom bent over. Rye can't hear her cause he is wearing the headphones and is exercising. She also left her juice behind.

...Time passes and it is about 3:00pm Monday in the afternoon and Alex has not come out of her bedroom. Rye is concern. He goes to her bedroom door which is partly open and knocks.


Rye:  "Alex, are you alright? It is 3:00 and your juice is out here."


Alex (moaning):  "I pulled my back out."


Rye:  "Can I come in?"


Alex (moaning): "Yes. But I look awful."


Rye goes into the bedroom and walks over to her bed where she is laying. Her bed is a compass bed whereby the bed's headboard is located in the center of the round mattress that circumferences the compass headboard. The bed is in the center of the room. Rye talks baby talk to her.


Rye:  "What happened?"


Alex:  "I got up to get my juice and I saw you exercising. I thought I would try it. Then my back went out. It's so painful I can't move."


Rye:  "Well, I'm here. I had two years of physical therapy in collage before I dropped out to play for the band."


Alex:  "Lucky me."


Rye:  "When was the last time you went potty?"


Rye still talks baby talk.


Alex:  "About two hours ago."


Rye:  "I want you to try to go now. I'll help you to the bathroom. Hold my hands."


As Rye grabs Alex's hands; and helps her (bent over) to walk to the toilet and sit down. She's moaning as she struggles walking.


Alex:  "Thank you."


Rye:  "Just sit there and relax and empty out. I'll get you a juice."


Alex:  "Alright."


Rye leaves to go to the kitchen and then comes back with the juice and a couple of aspirins.


Rye:  "Here, I want you to take these aspirins. It will help with the pain."


Alex takes the aspirins.


Alex:  "Thank you."


Rye:  "Stay there, I'm going to change into my jammies. I haven't slept all night. I want to be with you in case you need me."


Alex:  "You mean sleep with me?"


Rye:  "Yes. I'll sleep on the north side and you stay on the south side. It's impossible to roll into you and cause you more pain. You need to rest. And if you need me; I'm near you to assist."


Alex:  "Alright, you got me in an awkward in need of help position."


Rye:  "Just relax, I'll be right back."


Rye leaves to change into his old timers jammies with matching hat and then comes back.


Rye:  "How's it coming? Are you finished?"


Alex:  "Yeah, I'm ready to go back to bed."


As Rye grabs Alex's hands; and helps her (bent over) to walk to the bed. She's moaning as she struggles walking.


Rye:  "Before you hop into the bed; I want to try to straighten you out to help relieve some of the stress to you."


Alex:  "What are you thinking of doing?"


Rye:  "I'm going to stand behind you and lift you from under you arms. I'll lift you off the ground so your back will stretch out and straighten out. It's ok to yell if it hurts."


Alex:  "It's ok to yell if it hurts? How is it not gona' hurt?"


Rye:  "I think it will hurt. Don't be embarrassed if you have to express yourself loudly."


Alex:  "Ok."


Rye stands behind Alex in his cute old timers jammies with matching hat. He bends over and grabs her from under her arms and proceeds to lift her off the ground gently. Alex moans loudly.


Alex:  "Ahow! Ahow!"


Rye:  "See now you're straight. Do you feel a little better?"


Alex:  "Yes, but I need to get horizontal like in bed."


Rye:  "Ok, let me help you."


Rye helps her get into bed.


Rye:  "If you need me I'll be right here."

He walks over to the north side of the bed and gets in. Once he is in, he then reaches his right hand out around and tries to touch Alex and waves his thumbpal at her. The thumbpal face is still on the thumb and clearly visible. (And I will also state that Ed's thumbpal face is still clearly visible going on this third day.) Alex touches Rye's hand.


Alex:  "Love you Rye. Nighty night."


Rye:  "I love you Alex. Wake me if you need me."


...Time passes and it is the next day about 10:00am Tues. morning. Alex has taken her bath and is dressing. Rye knocks on the bathroom door inquiring.


Rye:  "Alex, Can I use the car? Tomorrow is your birthday; and I want to go shopping."


Alex:  "Sure. The keys are on the table at the front door."


Rye:  "Thank you. I shouldn't be but a couple of hours."


Alex:  "Ok."

Rye walks out of the front door to the car. Gets in and starts the car. He then drives through the gate and proceeds to drive down the mountain. All of a sudden two Elk come out of the higher level of the woodsy mountainside leaping like they were running. One of the Elk ends up crashing into the windshield hitting Rye and causing the air bag to pop open. And the other Elk ends up crashing into the front bumper grill area of the silver SUV whereby the car runs over it. The car then flips over the guard rail and rolls down the mountain and crashes into one of the neighbor's vehicles that is parked in their driveway. This neighbor knows Alex and her car. The neighbor are a husband and a wife named Runningwater and Molly. They are Native American and Runningwater is a medicine man. Their house is located between Alex's and Carol & Ed's house which is ½ mile from Alex. When the car makes a loud crashing sound. Molly and Runningwater come to look out their home's window. They see only part of the vehicle but recognize that it is Alex's silver SUV. They hurry and call the ambulance / Fire Dept. and Carol & Ed. Hank is the Fire Chief.


Runningwater:  "Hank, this is Runningwater. Bring all of your emergency equipment to my house. Alex's car just rolled down the mountain and crashed into one of my vehicles parked in my driveway. It's real bad."


We can't hear Hank's side of the phone conversation. Molly interrupts and adds to Runningwater's information.


Molly:  "Tell him to bring the Jaws of Life."


Runningwater:  "Hank, bring the Jaws of Life ...alright just come fast."

Runningwater hangs up and then proceeds to call Carol & Ed. He tries Carol's cell phone first. He is also in conversation with Molly.


Runningwater:  "They're on their way."


Molly:  "Try Carol first."


He dials Carol's number and she answers.


Runningwater:  "Hello Carol. You and Ed have to come to my house right away. Alex has been in a terrible accident."


Molly (whispers):  "Don't describe. Tell her to come fast."


Runningwater shakes his head in agreement to Molly. We can't hear Carol's side of the conversation.


Runningwater:  "Just get Ed and come to my house fast."


Molly and Runningwater hear the ambulance / Fire Trucks sirens. They start to leave the house and go outside to meet them.

...Now we go to Carol's SUV driving on dirt on the real estate development project's site where Ed and other heavy equipment operators are preparing the ground for the new houses. She honks her horn at Ed as she approaches the heavy equipment (a bulldozer) that he is operating. Ed stops and turns off the equipment and climbs out of the cab. Carol yells at him while he is climbing out of the cab.


Carol:  "Runningwater just called and said that Alex has been in an accident."  

Ed moves fast and jumps into the SUV that Carol is driving.


Ed:  "Did he say how bad it was?"


Carol:  "No. He just told me to get over to his house fast. Alex is always having weird karma."


Ed:  "Let's not think the worst."


Now we're back at Runningwater and Molly's house. The ambulance and emergency equipment are in use and people are hard at work. Their voices and the emergency equipment noise are part of the background sound. Hank has his Fire Chief hat on, identifying him as the Fire Chief of the Town of Wagon Wheel. The fire trucks, ambulance and other emergency equipment carry the Town of Wagon Wheel on all the vehicles and equipment.

...Carol and Ed enter the driveway; and park out of the way of ambulance and emergency equipment so they can come and go without interruption. Runningwater and Molly see them when they entered the driveway; and start to walk towards the area where Carol decides to park the car. Runningwater and Molly stand on the passenger side of their SUV.


Runningwater:  "It's not Alex that is in her car. It's a man."


Molly:  "An Elk smashed into the windshield and killed him. The Elk is mingled with the body of the man."


Ed:  "Oh my God; it must be Rye."


Carol:  "This always happens to Alex. The weird karma wheedling it's strange energy."


Ed:  "You stay here Carol with Molly. I don't want you to see the gruesome scene. I'll go with Runningwater and check it out."


Carol:  "Alright. I would like to remember Rye as the healthy man that he was."

As Ed steps out of the SUV to walk with Runningwater to the crash site; and Molly sits in the car with Carol and waits. Both Ed and Runningwater walk down the driveway pass the ambulance, emergency equipment and the emergency people. When they reach the crash site Ed can't believe the scene. It's over whelming to him. When he gets a closer look, he notices Rye's right hand sticking out of a part of the car with the thumbpal face still on his thumb. Ed looks at his own thumb and still sees the thumbpal face on his thumb. Ed breaks out in tears.


Male Emergency Crew Member (back ground noise):  "Hank, she's smoking."


Hank (back ground noise):  "Hit her with the foam."


As the emergency crew members spray the vehicle.


Runningwater:  "I noticed the thumbpal face on the man's hand earlier and figured that you and him just met. Remember the first time I met you? You took my hand and drew a thumbpal face on my thumb."


Ed:  "But this is the first time I ever lost a thumbpal; and I feel very emotional about this."


As Ed's tears are getting very heavy as he speaks.


Runningwater:  "I will see into the future that this loss of one thumbpal you will gain two of the exact same."


Ed:  "Is this your medicine man spirits talking to you? To give me comfort and guidance?"


Runningwater:  "You will experience this in the very near future. Now come. Let's get back to Carol. I believe you and Carol have a lot of matters to take care of."


Ed:  "The man is Alex's new guy in her life. How do I..."


Runningwater:  "Alex has always dealt with her weird karma. She is a strong woman. The future will fall into place and bring much positive energy for Alex. Come, let's get back to Carol."


Ed's tears continue to be heavy. Runningwater and Ed proceed to walk back to the car. Female and male emergency crew member as Ed and Runningwater walk by them.


Female Emergency Crew Member:  "We saw the thumbpal."


Male Emergency Crew Member:  "Everyone is wearing the thumbpal; to respect the loss."


They both put up their thumbs to show Ed and Runningwater.


Ed:  "Thank you."


Ed and Runningwater continue to walk towards the SUV. Molly and Carol see them coming and Molly starts to get out of the car. Ed gets into the car. Carol sees Ed very upset and hands him some tissues. Molly and Runningwater stand next to the passenger side window.


Runningwater:  "Everything will fall into place. Remember, that this lost of one thumbpal you will gain two of the exact same."


Carol:  "Ed we have to go to Alex and take her to see Rye's mother to tell her what happen. I need you to be strong. This is a terrible day for Alex and Rye's mother."


Ed:  "I'm sorry. I just feel so emotional."


As Carol starts the car and puts it in reverse to turn the car around to drive out of the driveway.


Runningwater:  "Remember."


Molly:  "Listen to my husband. He speaks with a pure tongue."


Carol turns the car around and heads out of the driveway onto the mountain road towards Alex's house. On the way they see the site where the accident started. In the road they see a cougar feasting on the other dead Elk lying in the road. But Carol just slows the car down and passes the accident site heading for Alex's house. They reach Alex's house drive through the entrance gate and park near the front door to the house. Carol tells Ed.


Carol:  "Stay here. You're too emotional."


Ed:  "Alright, can you get my boots out of the back. I want to change out of my work boots."


Carol:  "Sure."


As Carol gets out of the SUV and gets Ed's western boots out of the back of the SUV; and then walks back to the passenger side and hands Ed his boots through the passenger side window.


Ed:  "Thanks."


Carol:  "Try to be strong; Alex and I need you."


Then Carol walks to the front door, opens it, and calls out to Alex as she passes through the doorway. Carol stands in the hall area. She leaves the front door open.


Carol (loudly):  "Alex."


Alex speaks loudly also while she's in the kitchen.


Alex (loudly):  "I'm in the kitchen. You won't believe this; but I pulled my back out and Rye fixed it. He did two years of physical therapy in college before he dropped out to play for the band."


After Carol hears that, she goes back out the front door and walks over to Ed sitting in the car. Alex meanwhile comes out of the kitchen and wonders where Carol went. Alex sees the front door open and walks to it and sees Carol standing on the passenger side talking to Ed sitting in the SUV with tears. Alex is standing in front of the doorway of the house.


Alex:  "What's going on? ......Stay CC."


Alex then closes the front door because CC tries to come out and she wants' CC to stay in the house. Alex then walks over to Carol and Ed to find out what's going on.


Alex:  "What's the matter?"


Alex sees Ed crying.


Ed:  "I lost a thumbpal."


Ed is very emotional and more tears come.


Carol:  "Rye was in a bad accident and he didn't make it."


Carol hugs Alex and Ed gets out of the car and hugs them both.


Alex:  "Oh no. Not Rye. I didn't even get to have sex with him. My memories are two kisses and a huggy buggy."


There are no tears from both Carol and Alex. Alex is in mostly shock. Ed keeps showing deep emotion with floods of tears.


Carol:  "We have to tell Rye's mother. Come on let's drive over to the Condo now."


Alex gets into the back seat; Ed gets back into the passenger seat and Carol Drives. She starts the car and starts driving out the gate onto the mountain road. When they reach the site where the accident started the cougar is now dragging the dead Elk heading into the woods.


Alex:  "I'm gona' get Theresa's Barrier and Fence Company to come out and put in a high fence on both sides of the road so that the wildlife have to go around the mountain to get to the other side of the road. This could happen again to any one of us.


Ed still in tears.


Ed:  "I'll call her for you and have her start on it tomorrow."


Alex:  "The cougar was probably chasing the Elk."


Carol:  "It seems that two Elk caused the accident. This one and the one that Molly said crashed through the car windshield. The car rolled down the mountain crashing into one of Runningwater and Molly's vehicles."


Ed still in tears.


Ed:  "I saw the car. I asked Carol not to view the wreckage."


Alex:  "I don't want to see it either. I want to remember Rye as a beautiful living being."


Carol:  "His mother is going to be devastated having a relationship so close that she lives with him."


Alex:  "I want a huge beautiful monument and I want to pay for the funeral. We should bury him next to his father. I hope his mother will let me do this. I want to participate in our loss."


Ed:  "I want us all there too."


Carol:  "Everything will work out. Runningwater said so."


Alex:  "What did he say? He always hears the spirits."


Ed:  "He said he sees the future that this lost of one thumbpal you will gain two of the exact same. He also said the future will fall into place and bring much positive energy for Alex."


Alex:  "I need positive energy. I'm tired of all this weird karma. But I don't understand the first part. You will gain two of the exact same? What does that mean? Two thumbpals exactly the same?"


Carol:  "Everyone knows Runningwater. He only passes on what he hears from the spirits. We have to figure out what it means from inside ourselves."


Ed:  "Maybe he is trying to bring me comfort; because he feels that I am so sensitive."


Alex gives Carol directions to the Condo. We don't hear this dialog. We just watch the SUV drive to the Condo. Carol pulls into the Condo's driveway and parks in front of the Condo. The door of the Condo is closed. All three of them get out of the car. Ed is trying to compose himself. But the tears keep falling from his eyes. He grabs more tissues. All three walk up the stairs to the Condo's front door 2B. Carol rings the doorbell. Zack answers the door. When the door opens; all three (Alex, Carol and Ed) see the interior of the Condo. Whereby, the huge living area is sectioned off in the back with a ceiling to floor sound proof glass wall. They see through the glass what appears to be a music studio. They also feel a sudden mental shock when they see two men with headphones on standing in there. Each with a heavy metal guitar hanging on them by a shoulder strap standing near a keyboard. Both of which look exactly like Rye and wearing their hair pulled forward (long bangs down pass their chin) in front of their face; like they were wearing their hair on Sat. when Alex tried to pick up Rye. Zack is also wearing his hair in this same style for the band's unique identity. But when Zack opens the door and let's Ed, Carol and Alex in; at the same time Zack runs his fingers through his hair pushing his hair back off his face. There's another man in the studio with headphones on sitting in front of the sound board equipment. The set of drums, the big base drum has the name of the band on it which reads "Three Personalities".


Carol:  "Look at the drum."


Alex:  "I see."


Zack:  "You must be Alex, Ed and Carol. Come in. I'm Zack.


Carol:  "How do you know us?"


Zack:  "Wheat and Oat have been calling Rye every minute about Alex. See Ed. We love your thumbpals for world harmony."


Zack shows Ed his right thumb with the thumbpal face on it.


Ed: "Cool!"


As Ed dries his tears and shakes hands with Zack.


Zack:  "Alex has got Wheat and Oat in an in-love whirly. They are constantly having competitive tiffs over her while we're trying to practice."


Ed:  "They can't see us from in there?"


Zack:  "Not really. The glass is reflective mirror on the inside. It helps us...... To see what we look like when we practice. So we can put on a exciting show for our fans. And Lilly, their mom is the manager of the band. She can watch out here if she wants."


Alex:  "We would like to talk with Lilly about Rye."


Zack:  "I'll get her. And do you want me to get Wheat and Oat too?"


Carol:  "No."


Alex: "I would like to talk with Lilly first."


Zack gets Lilly and comes back with her.


Lilly:  "Hi, I'm Lillian. But everyone calls me Lilly. You must be Alex, Carol and Ed. Come sit down. Where's Rye?"


As Lilly shows them to the sofas that wrap around a large coffee table. Zack leans on one of the sofa arms. The rest of them sit across from each other.


Carol:  "That's why we're here."


Lilly:  "All of my sons seem to be in-love with Alex. That happens when you have identical kids. I had quadruplets."


Carol:  "Whow."


Alex:  "Well, we are here because of Rye. He had a terrible fatal accident."


Lilly talks to Zack.


Lilly:  "Get Wheat and Oat."


Zack:  "Sure thing."


Lilly:  "How did it happen?"


Wheat, Oat, Zack and the man at the sound board equipment named Mark come out to the sofas. As they leave the music studio Wheat and Oat run their fingers through their hair pushing it back off their faces. Wheat and Oat sit on either side of Alex. Zack sits on one of the sofa arms.


Wheat:  "You must be Ed."


Oat:  "We like your thumbpals."


Wheat:  "Yeah, it's neat."


They Show Ed their thumbs with the thumbpal face on them and each shake Ed's hand as they sit down.


Ed:  "Thanks, but we're here about your brother. He had a bad accident and it was fatal. This is not a happy day."


Wheat:  "Rye had an inoperable brain tumor. Maybe he had a dizzy spell."


Carol:  "Rye didn't mention that; did he Alex?"


Alex:  "No."


Lilly:  "Rye didn't know. I decided when the doctor told me about it to keep it from him. To allow Rye to live his life normal without worry and stress. I shared the information with Wheat and Oat and they agreed with me. Rye had about a year."


Oat:  "Don't worry Alex, we're here for you."


Ed:  "From what I saw of the accident he was driving down the mountain road from Alex's house. And two Elk came out of the woods. One crashed through the windshield and the other Elk hit the front part of Alex's SUV. It looked like the air bag opened. The SUV then rolled down part of the mountain and ended up crashing into one of the neighbor's vehicles that was parked in their driveway. The one Elk was still in the front seat of the SUV with Rye at the crash site."


Wheat:  "Damm."


Oat:  "He didn't know what hit him."


Wheat:  "The Elk probably knocked him out when it came through the windshield."


Lilly:  "Let me make us some coffee or tea and let's sit and talk awhile."


Carol:  "Can we help."


Alex:  "Please."


Lilly:  "Sure."


Wheat:  "We'll keep Ed company."


As Carol, Alex and Lilly leave the room...

Oat:  "I want to introduce you to our sound man Mark. He's been with the band since we started the band in college." 


Mark shakes hands with Ed.


Ed:  "How did you meet up with Zack?"


Wheat:  "When our mom told us about Rye's brain tumor and Rye also was starting to complain about not having energy and having dizzy spells. Oat and I decided to look around for a drummer. And one day Zack showed up. He's been filling in for Rye for over two years now wouldn't you say?"


Zack:  "At least."


Ed:  "Your mom mentioned you're identical quadruplets. Where is..."


Oat:  "We lost Barley two weeks after we were born. He had a heart murmur like Rye. But he was too weak."


Wheat:  "Rye was always mentally strong willed."


Ed:  "I noticed the band's name Three Personalities. Do you each feel you have different personalities?"


Oat:  "You would think. But I think everybody feels we're all the same."


Zack:  "I'll vouch for that."


Mark:  "Me too. But your attitudes are changing since Alex came on the scene. I wish you guys would cool down. If she fell in love with Rye. She should feel the same love energy with you. It's all about the energy man."


Ed:  "Take it slow with Alex. She just lost Rye. When the door opened and Zack showed us in. We were in shock and doing a triple take. Alex thought Rye had three personalities when she tried to pick him up on Sat. Each of you wear your hair exactly the same and are clean shaven. You throw Alex into her weird karma."


Oat:  "I kissed her on Sat."


Wheat:  "You did? Did you tell Rye?"


Oat:  "No. Of course not. But I know I kissed her first."


Mark:  "Come on you guys. What'd I say."


Ed:  "And then we noticed the band's name on the drums. Understand about Alex's weird karma."


Wheat:  "When Rye went shopping for something for Alex; we went with him."


Oat:  "We all chose the heart statue."


Wheat:  "After Alex came on Sat. Oat and I went back to the same place and bought two more."


Oat:  "Let's get them and put them on the table before they come back."


Wheat:  "Right."


Mark:  "Whatever man. I don't know."


Oat and Wheat go get the two statues and set them on the table near where Alex will sit when she comes back with Lilly and Carol. Each statue says:

The one from Oat (Oat is in love with Alex and sealed it with a kiss. May 2, 2009).

The one from Wheat (Wheat is in love with Alex. May 2, 2009).

Both Oat and Wheat sit on the sofa with a space between them for Alex.

...Lilly, Carol and Alex come back carrying trays with coffee and green tea. They set the trays down. Everyone serves themselves. Wheat, Oat and Alex choose the green tea with lemons.


Ed:  "Alex you have two men eager to express their feelings. They were with Rye when he purchased your statue. They all decided on your gift."


As Alex read's the two statues. She sees that it was Oat that kissed her on Sat.


Alex:  "This attention is beautiful. But can we bury Rye first. I need time."


Oat:  "Rye's going to have a cool funeral."


Lilly:  "Wheat and Oat planned Melvin's funeral."


Wheat:  "The band has a lot of fans."


Alex:  "Lilly agreed and is allowing me to pay for the funeral. I want a large monument."


Wheat:  "We'll take care of everything."


Alex:  "And a beautiful casket. I want it closed. No viewing. I want to remember Rye as a beautiful living being that he was."


Lilly:  "We're not religious. God has no religion. God loves everyone and everything. Wheat and Oat made the loss of their dad very memorable. It was beautiful."


Carol:  "Alex, Ed and I are not religious either. We feel the same as you. God has no religion."


Oat:  "You like green tea too, Alex?"


Alex:  "I like green tea with lots of lemon; and I also like coffee with milk no sweetener. But for right now I'm choosing the green tea to calm me down. I feel I'm in shock. This is so sudden. It doesn't seem real."


Ed:  "Carol and I will stay at your house til after the funeral."


Carol:  "You shouldn't be alone right now."


Wheat:  "Rye told us about the bedroom with the bears. When you feel that it is right for you and we can come visit you. Oat and I will use the dinosaur and fishes bedrooms. The bedroom with the bears should be left alone for awhile. To respect Rye's energy, his spirits."


Oat:  "There are no words to describe how we feel about you Alex. It's big love karma."


Mark:  "Oat, Wheat and Rye never fell in love before you came on the scene. They are making me stress crazy, man. I hope all of you can come to some sort of relationship. I know just looking at the three of you... You know what they say; two's company three's a crowd. But I look at this whole love energy thing as it usually doesn't come twice. And man, you all need to make an effort at this first go around, man."


Lilly:  "Mark is always looking out for everyone."


Mark:  "I got to man. Let's not lose our heads and mope and complain after everything is said and done. We got fans that are looking for more creative stuff from us, man. When everyone is happy we put on a better show."


Zack:  "You're right about that."


Mark:  "Three might be a crowd to some. But I look at it as a fill in the gap or book ends. Alex will never be forsaken or have a break in continuity, man."


Ed smiles with a light chuckle.


Ed:  "Mark, book ends?"


Mark:  "Yeah man. Look at them sitting on each side of Alex. They're the strength holding up the reading material which is Alex, man." 


Carol:  "You're philosophy is deep."


Zack:  "Mark helps create cool lyrics for the band."


As Wheat and Oat at the same time whisper into each of Alex's ears; and at the same time grab each one of her hands. Oat takes the tea out of her hand and sets it down on the table so he can hold her hand too.


Wheat (and) Oat:  "Can I hold your hand like girlfriend-boyfriend?"


Alex can't believe they both said the same words at the same time in her ear; and the same words Rye said to her the first day they met.


Alex:  "That is astounding. The both of you said the exact same words at the same time; and Rye said those exact words on Friday when we first met. Lilly, does that happen a lot?"


Lilly:  "Once you get to know my sons; you'll get used to it."


Mark:  "Just think of them as a stereo or surround-sound. They try to control it. But most times they can't help it, man."


Alex:  "I feel people will talk..."


Ed:  "What's there to talk about?"


Alex:  "The fans Ed. Male harem."


Mark:  "It's the millennium. Everyone is out of the closet, man. People think that when we go out on tour that we participate in orgy groupie parties like some of the other bands. We don't. Most of our bookings are at colleges. We're 37 years old; except for Zack, he's 35. We're respectable men; and Zack and I are married. Back me up Lilly. And Lilly is our manager. She travels with us, man."


Lilly:  "Mark said it right. I know this; that my sons are in love with you. And that all of us sitting in this room might have to deal with questions and answers and opinions by strangers or others that are not part of this inner circle here. I give it to them straight up. Your opinion is like your ass hole, it's full of shit. That pretty much sends them on their way."


Mark:  "Out of all the statements Lilly makes to the media. I like that one the best, man."


Ed:  "You're tuff."


Lilly:  "It comes with the territory. Melvin and I have been managing bands for a long while. That was our business. When Melvin passed on I decided to down size completely and only manage my son's and Marks's interests."


Alex:  "Lilly, can I use your bathroom."


Lilly:  "Sure."


Wheat (and) Oat:  "Need help?"


Carol:  "Me too. Let's us girls have a chat."


Lilly:  "Alex doesn't need help."


As Lilly, Carol and Alex leave the room.

...Ed stands up and asks' Mark to stand in front of him.


Ed:  "Alex is having an identity crises. Mark, come here."


Wheat:  "What do you mean?"


Oat:  "There are gona' be times that she can't separate us."


Ed:  "Yes. Mark, hold me like I am Alex and slow dance with me."


Mark laughs.


Mark:  "Like this?"


Ed:  "Yeah."


Referring to Wheat and Oat.


Ed:  "What am I looking at?"


Oat:  "You're looking at Marks right jaw, his neck area."


Ed:  "You guys need to have your name tattooed in this area so that Alex is more comfortable with the both of you. And placed high enough near the right jaw; so your shirts won't cover it up."


Wheat:  "Good idea. We'll have it done tomorrow."


Zack:  "I want to do it too. But for the band."


Mark:  "I'll do it too, man."


Ed:  "Since everyone is up to this; I'm joining you. I'll pick everyone up tomorrow. I know I guy here that is a cool tattoo artist."


Ed and Mark sit back down and the girls come back and sit down. Oat and Wheat fix Alex more green tea with lemon and hand it to her.


Alex:  "Thank you."


Ed:  "The guys and I are getting tattoos tomorrow."


Carol:  "Where on your body are you planning to put a tattoo and of what?"

All the guys smile.


Ed:  "We are all having our name tattooed right here."


Ed points to the spot near the right jaw.


Carol:  "Again Ed you're reading my mind. Our chat was just that. How do we know which is Oat and Wheat. Your idea is terrific. I want to do it too. Only I want Carol and Ed forever tattooed."


Alex:  "Well, I'm in too."


Ed:  "Lilly, how about you?"


Lilly:  "Include me too, why not."


Oat:  "I'm also gona' have my thumbpal face tattooed on my thumb."


Wheat:  "Me too."


Ed:  "Alright we'll all go for that too. I want to remember Rye. He was the last person I drew a thumbpal face on."


Carol:  "We'll go in two vehicles. I'll drive the girls and you drive the guys Ed."


Wheat:  "Before we get our tattoos. Alex can help pick out Rye's casket since we are all together."


Alex:  "Thank you."


Oat:  "We will always be your bookends."


Wheat:  "Forever."


The next scenes contain no dialog...These scenes show all of them buying the casket and getting their tattoos.

The funeral for Rye

The last fifteen minutes of this film is Rye's funeral; and it consists of a heavy metal concert...

It is Friday May 8 during dusk in the evening. Everyone from the Town of Wagon Wheel is in attendance. There is also a huge crowd of fans that came from other places around the globe at the cemetery. Everyone is surrounding the closed casket and the large monument that is located near Melvin and Barley Bread's grave sites. A large stage with lighting effects is near the grave site with Wheat, Oat and Zack playing their instruments and Mark is on the stage too standing at the sound engineering equipment. Alex, CC, Ron, Carol, Ed, Lilly, Runningwater and Molly are standing near the casket (not on stage). Hank and all the emergency crew are there too. The casket is covered with flowers. The large marble monument is shaped like a loaf of rye bread with part of it sliced in slices of rye bread falling sideways. There is writing on the monument giving the day Rye was Born Dec. 4, 1972; that He is one of quadruplets of Wheat, Oat, Barley; and that His parents are Melvin and Lilly Bread; and the date he Died May 5, 2009; and that He leaves behind his one and only love, Alex. The tables around the outside perimeter of the attendance area have slices of rye bread on them. So that everyone can grab some and toss the rye bread slices into the air during the heavy metal concert. The music for this concert will be obtained from a well known heavy metal artist / band; and this artist / band will be part of the initial film showing them producing the music for the concert at the end during the credits. 


The End






Musical Movie Score Note:

Throughout this full length feature movie, heavy metal music is in the background; except for the scenes in the Astrology Bar & Grill. 

The music to be obtained from a well known heavy metal artist band.


Second Floor Condo 2B Note:

This Condo development is two story elegant buildings, with the residences on the second floor over their garages. 


Profile of Characters in order of first appearance:

Rye + Wheat + Oat: All three are played by one actor

Age: 37

Physique: Caucasian, Attractive and healthy

Hair: Color medium to dark brown all one length below the chin when combed in front of the face like long bangs. The bangs are stringy and twisty when hanging in front of the face.

Clothes: At the café, Condo, Alex's house and the funeral for Rye

during the heavy metal concert performance - conservative college style with button down collar shirt, khaki pants, leather suspenders, belt and brown leather shoes (loafer / slip-on type); no jeans or sneakers.

Stretchy blue boxers with white undershirt for the pool scenes.

At the Astrology Bar & Grill an elegant dinner suit.

His jammies at the house are the old timer nightgown style almost to the ankle with the slit up part of the sides with matching hat (three different colors / prints or patterns) for the three different changes / scenes - Sunday morning, Monday morning and Monday afternoon.   


Profile of Characters in order of first appearance:

Alex: Female actor

Age: 48th birthday in a few days

Physique: Caucasian, Attractive and healthy

Hair: Color dark brown with a short style

Clothes: At the café' - elegant kula mid calf pants with matching suit jacket, textured stockings and heels. Shoulder purse to match.

Astrology Bar and Grill elegant cocktail suit with heels.

Swimming pool scene one piece kula wild print loud colors outfit down to the ankles with sandals. She wears this outfit in the water showing Rye how to swim, after she takes off her sandals.

The other scenes she is wearing either cute pant suits or skirt suit outfits.

The scene where Rye helps here with her back she's wearing a lace night-gown; and she wears this style in the other night-gown scenes. This woman is very elegant.

For the funeral for Rye elegant dress suit.


Profile of Characters in order of first appearance:

Carol: Female actor

Age: 37

Physique: Caucasian, Attractive and healthy

Hair: Color medium to dark brown (reddish brown) with a short style

Clothes: At her and Ed's house on Sat. business pants suit.

At the Astrology Bar & Grill elegant cocktail dress.

At Alex's house on Sunday a sport pants suit.

On Tuesday a business pants suit.

For the funeral for Rye elegant pants suit.


Profile of Characters in order of first appearance:

Ed: Male actor

Age: 32

Physique: Caucasian, Attractive and healthy...... even though he is a social drinker

Hair: Color light to medium brown; he wears his hair long like a hippie

Clothes: At Carol's and his house in the garage (he wears what he wears when he's running his construction equipment - jeans with a belt, a plaid flannel shirt, work boots untied cause he is going to slip them off when he leaves the garage and before he enters the house.

At the Astrology Bar & Grill he is wearing a patterned shirt with a bow tie and suspenders, wool Bermuda shorts with a belt, diamond multi-colored socks to the knees and dress shoes.

When he picks up Rye on Sunday he's wearing wool pants with belt, a patterned shirt with a sweater, western boots.

On Tuesday he's wearing his construction clothes; and changes into his western boots in the car.

For the funeral for Rye elegant dress suit with western boots.


Profile of Characters in order of first appearance:

Astrology Bar & Grill waiters / servers uniforms

Black pants with tux shirt with bow tie and black vest; with patterns of all the star astrology signs in gold on their vests and their pants.

Male Waiter that service's Rye and Alex's table and calls into the ladies bathroom:

Physique: Attractive and healthy and age doesn't matter

Hair: Color and style it doesn't matter

Clothes: Same as Astrology Bar & Grill waiters / servers uniforms

When they attend the funeral for Rye; the clothes they wear -it doesn't matter.

NOTE: The interior of the bar Astrology Bar & Grill is dark with lighted patterns of all the star astrology signs in gold on everything with psychedelic lights...... The DJ on the stage continues playing the very loud 1960 oldies Philly dance music throughout all the scenes in this Astrology Bar & Grill. This music can also be heard in the bathroom scenes. This bar is packed (wall to wall) with dancers and dinners. 


Profile of Characters in order of first appearance:

Woman using the ladies bathroom: Female actor

Age: between 25 and 35

Physique: Attractive and healthy

Hair: Color and style it doesn't matter

Clothes: cocktail dress

Clothes for the funeral for Rye - it doesn't matter.


Profile of Characters in order of first appearance:

Runningwater: Male actor (Native American Indian)

Age: 50 to 60

Physique: Native American Indian, Attractive and healthy

Hair: Color dark brown with a long style and in braids wrapped in leather string laying from his shoulders down his chest.

Clothes for Tuesday and for the funeral for Rye: a western shirt, jeans, western boots, leather Indian jeweled belt and an Indian beaded necklace.


Profile of Characters in order of first appearance:

Molly: Female actor (Native American Indian)

Age: 50 to 60

Physique: Native American Indian, Attractive and healthy

Hair: Color dark brown; she wears her hair loose

Clothes for Tuesday and for the funeral for Rye: western shirt with leather vest, jeans, western boots, silver belt and Indian jewelry.


Profile of Characters in order of first appearance:

Fire Chief Hank: Male actor

Age: 40 to 50

Physique: Strong, attractive and healthy

Hair: Color and length doesn't matter

Clothes: wearing his Fire Chief hat identifying him as the Fire Chief of the Town of Wagon Wheel and his fire emergency outfit

NOTE: All the emergency workers are wearing their proper clothing for what their job calls for showing the Town of Wagon Wheel on their uniform. Their age and hair color it doesn't matter...including the emergency workers that interact with Ed and Runningwater.

All the emergency vehicles carry the Town of Wagon Wheel them.

Clothes for the funeral for Rye - it doesn't matter.


Profile of Characters in order of first appearance:

Zack: Male actor

Age: 35

Physique: Caucasian, Attractive and healthy

Hair: Color blonde to medium brown; he wears his hair exactly like Rye + Wheat + Oat for the band

Clothes: same style as Rye + Wheat + Oat


Profile of Characters in order of first appearance:

Lillian (Lilly): Female actor

Age: 62

Physique: Caucasian, Attractive and healthy

Hair: Color gray; she wears her's short

Clothes: sports wear style with jewelry to match.

For the funeral for Rye dress suit.


Profile of Characters in order of first appearance:

Mark: Male actor (the band's engineer)

Age: 37

Physique: Caucasian, Attractive and healthy

Hair: Color dark brown; he wears his very long and loose down his back like a 1960s hippie

Clothes: same style as Rye + Wheat + Oat


The Dogs:

Ron is a male and to be a breed of a black and white Great Dane.

CC is a female and to be a breed of a Standard Gray Poodle with the fancy poufy poodle hair cut.